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Forging a New Epoch
in Mental Healthcare

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Our Mission: 
Empowering the Vanguard of Mental Health Care

At Deliberate AI, our mission is to champion a 10x transformation in mental health care. We're not just about improving systems; we're about forging a new epoch where clinicians and patients are empowered to thrive. With technological innovation at our core, we're driving a shift from impersonal and ineffective treatments to personalized, precise care. Our advanced tools are designed to relieve the monotonous administrative tasks, allowing practitioners to return to the art of healing. We stand committed to providing solutions that not only understand mental health challenges but anticipate and act to prevent them—ensuring that care is as timely and responsive as the beat of the heart.


Our Purpose:
Elevating Care through Precision and Empathy

At Deliberate AI, we are dedicated to transcending traditional care paradigms to empower both clinicians and patients within the mental health space. Our purpose is rooted in three transformative shifts, each designed to bring about a 10x improvement in the mental health care experience:


Advanced Diagnostics and Monitoring

We're integrating multimodal AI to transform mental health assessments, providing clinicians with precise and reliable tools for real-time, effortless monitoring of patient well-being.

Ambient Clinical Intelligence

Our AI-driven platforms are designed to unburden clinicians from administrative tasks, offering immediate support and insights, thus enhancing the quality of patient interaction and care.

Precision Therapy Enablement

We're pioneering a biomarker development platform that informs and refines therapy creation, leading to personalized treatment plans that are as unique as patients themselves.

These strategic shifts mark our journey toward a future where mental health care is proactive, personalized, and profoundly effective.

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Our Story:
The Emergence of Deliberate AI

Deliberate AI was sparked by a collective epiphany: a radical transformation in mental health care wasn't just necessary — it was imperative. Our team — an eclectic blend of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, data scientists, researchers, and software engineers — is bound by shared firsthand experiences of the system's failings, both professional and personal.

We recognize that true transformation extends beyond technological innovation; it requires a confluence of disciplines, fusing clinical acuity with advanced machine learning and compassionate software design. This fusion of diverse expertise propels us not just to imagine but to actively sculpt a new era in mental health care.

Today, Deliberate AI embodies the synergy of shared vision and unified effort. We are more than innovators; we are seasoned practitioners and individuals with lived experiences. We’ve navigated the rough terrain of archaic practices and the constraints of blanket solutions. Now, we’re harnessing our collective skills to cultivate a system where care is instinctive, individualized, and woven seamlessly into the fabric of the healthcare journey.

Join our quest as we push forward, building a future where mental health care is as proactive, precise, and human as the hearts and minds we hope to mend.


Our Leadership Team

Marc Aafjes


Marcelo Cicconet, PhD

Data Science Director

Jeffrey Cohn, PhD

Chief Scientist

Katie Aafjes-van Doorn, DClinPsy, MSc

Assessment Director

Rachna Saralkar, MD, MS

Medical Product Director


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