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Integrated Systems for Treatment Evaluation: a real world multimodal data collection effort led by physician scientists.

Drive Real-World Change in Mental Healthcare

  • Access innovations

  • Leverage Your Expertise

  • Contribute to Research

The Challenge

It’s time to stop expecting patients and mood-tracking apps to consistently and objectively track patient outcomes between appointments. The traditional approach of treating individual patients through trial and error, essentially conducting multiple N-of-1 studies, results in valuable data being lost from thousands of informal case studies. There is a disconnect between treatment teams (clinicians & patients) and the clinical trials that validate and lead to treatment approvals. It’s time for clinicians to be part of the solution, in real time, as they deliver high-quality care to their patients every day. ​

The INSYTE Solution

Build a comprehensive, integrated real-world dataset to guide evidence based practice. Physician-scientists lead a real world research community with their existing and new patient population

Clinicians have access to a free HIPAA compliant, highly secure cloud based platform for systematic collection and analysis of real-world mental health data. Integrate diverse data sources: telehealth audiovisual data, wearable data, clinical notes, patient-reported outcome measures and more!

Benefits for Clinicians

  • Free access to the Deliberate platform for automated note transcription, PROs and beta testing cutting-edge AI outcome measures

  • Enhance your clinical practice with real-world data from INSYTE's multimodal data collection

  • Network and connect with other leaders in the field

  • Contribute to improving outcomes for your patients and community and be part of the broader effort to facilitate studies that will lead to new treatments in mental health (studies sponsored by the NIH, FDA and our industry partners)

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