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Step forward into a world where mental health insights are as clear and as easy as a medical scan...

Ambient Multimodal AI
for Mental Health

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Head & Body Motion






Oculometry &

Leveraging multimodal AI and behavioral signal processing, we deeply understand the signs of mental and neurological health. Our approach integrates a breadth of data, including words, vocal and visual cues, and other modalities, to empower clinicians and enhance patient outcomes.

Our products make assessments, treatment analysis, and documentation both easier and more accurate, whether used in the background during clinical encounters or interactively through our digital health assistant. 

Our Products Empower

Clinicians and Researchers

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CNS Clinical Trials & Biomarker Research

Increasing power through effect size and endpoint reliability improvements

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Create Multimodal Biomarker Constellations™ for stratified trials and Companion Dx with Multitude™

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Enhance endpoint reliability through AI-COAs™ that can reduce trial sizes by 10-20%

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Increase assessment quality through real-time comprehensive rater-monitoring: AI-EVAL™

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Alleviate site recruitment burden through pre-screening using our digital health assistant, Sophia™

Sophia™: Digital Health Assistant

Assessing patients and staff, just-in-time, without the clinical burden

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Screening and intake of patients before seeing a human clinician

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Brief autonomous check-ins in between visits, taking EMA and measurement-based care to the next level 

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Automated readiness assessments of staff in high risk and high stakes environments

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An isometric cartoon-like image of a psychotherapy session
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Avoid missing data and self-report bias through ambient symptom tracking

Deliberate Health™:
AI Notes & Measures

Reducing staff burnout, and enabling effortless measurement 

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Complete clinical notes twice as fast through AI-generated drafts

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Automate remote collection and charting of patient measures

AI Notes
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Telemedicine API
Mental Health Triage

Screening and tracking in the background of visits

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Screen and assess severity of multiple indications at once, automatically, during any clinical encounter

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See interim results in under a minute, with optimal confidence within 5 minutes

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Track patients over time to identify individual symptom trajectories and prodromal signals

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