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Our technology

We make it easy and valuable to confidentially audio- and/or video-record all treatment interactions, whether they take place online, on-site, or at a remote location.


We provide hardware and software to make recording easy and secure, or you can use your own equipment. Sessions recorded on our devices and apps are automatically uploaded to our secure cloud platform (we are compliant with various regulations including HIPAA-HITECH, PIPEDA/PIPA, GDPR; and we provide BAA and DPA agreements to our customers). We also integrate with all leading telehealth/teletherapy platforms for automatic uploading where possible.

Additionally, we provide options to anonymize recordings, without any loss of emotional fidelity, to provide an extra layer of privacy during teaching or research.

01 / Recording and Storage
02 / Objective Measurement

A core part of our platform is the objective measurement of a variety of mental health symptoms. Replacing reliance on subjective, time-consuming, or infrequent self-reported measures.


We analyze multiple signals from audio-visual recordings, using our proprietary multi-modal machine learning models. This enables clinical-grade measurement of symptoms across a range of mental health illnesses, leading to automated routine outcome tracking (increasing reimbursement rates) and objective diagnostic input. 

03 / Productivity and Training

Our platform provides a host of productivity features to help providers save time and improve the quality of care. Examples include auto-transcription, annotation, supervision tools, and digital consent management.


We also integrate with leading electronic health records management systems, outcome measurement systems and patient engagement tools you may be using. 


About us

 Our team has a mix of clinical, engineering, research and business skills, developed in academia, healthcare, and technology startups. While we have diverse experiences and areas of expertise, we share a common passion for improving behavioral health. 


We look forward to introducing our team members in person soon. A selection of our team's past and present affiliations:

 We gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of:


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